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Restorative Yoga Virtual Workshop

Learn to Rest Deeply and Rejuvenate your Body and Soul

Thursday October 22nd 7:00-8:30pm

Restorative yoga is essentially the practice of rest, something that is vastly undervalued in our culture. It is difficult for us to slow down and drop into a space of radical self-acceptance but there are powerful benefits of such a practice. The practice of restorative yoga may help to calm the nervous system, improve body awareness, increase mindfulness, reduce fatigue and yes, help you get a better night of sleep.

In order to get the most out of your practice, you'll need supportive props. These will allow you to rest in various poses without the distraction of pressure points or stretching of the tendons and joint capsules. Please have the following props available to use during this workshop:

  •     2 yoga blocks

  •     1 rectangular bolster

  •     At least 2 yoga blankets

  •     1 eye covering (this can be an eye bag or a small cloth)

  •     A chair without arms (like a folding chair, or simple desk or dining chair)

Anyone could benefit from this style of yoga but it's especially helpful when you are feeling fatigued, burned-out, or overwhelmed. And we all experience those things to varying degrees in our lives. So why not have another tool in our toolbox for managing those effects of our stressful lives? 

Elements Yoga Hikes with the Women's Adventure Club of Sewickley 

Join us for another month of Outdoor Yoga in October!

  • Thursday October 8th at 10 am

  • Thursday October 15th at 12 pm

  • Thursday October 29th at 12 pm

What do you get when you combine exercise, nature, and yoga? ... A triple- layered, stress-melting experience! Each session will begin with some time to slow down the mind and to shift our focus to the body, the breath, and the sensations that nature provides. Then Lindsay Gibson from WAC, will guide us on a gentle 1-2 mile hike, stopping occasionally to reconnect to our senses and perhaps enjoy a pose or two in the forest. Following the hike, we'll grab our mats (or large towel or blanket) and delight in an outdoor yoga session with Lisa Minn, a licensed Physical Therapist and registered Yoga Teacher. Hiking and Yoga offers the ideal combination of splendid natural sights and soul-soothing rejuvenation. Each week will have an Elemental/Chakra theme that guides the energy of the practice. Lisa's classes will cover various breathing techniques (pranayama) and physical poses (asana) and will concluded with some deep relaxation. 

Virtual Workshop

Yoga for Runners and Joggers

Monday October 26th, 4:00pm EST

Therapeutic Yoga can help balance the body and mind in support of your goals whether that is running your next marathon or getting off the couch to jog for a mile. This workshop will include guided self-assessment of strength, range of motion and functional mechanics. We will practice yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation specific to running and learn why restorative work is essential for staying healthy and reaching your goals. 

Cost: $30 or $24 for Online Studio Members 

Sewickley YMCA

Due to Covid-19, my in-person classes at the Y are on hold. Please check out their You Tube channel for short yoga sessions from me as well as all kinds of exercises from other local Y instructors.   

Weekly Classes

Online Interactive Classes on Zoom

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm EST

Mindful Movement, Slow flow and Restorative-Style Poses 

These classes are free for members of Elements Virtual Studio. Nonmembers may participate but will need to contact me for details and a registration link. Audio and/or video recordings of each class are shared with members within one week of the live session. 

Nonmember rate is $15 per class. Reduced rates for membership are available on a case by case basis. 

Fall season currently in session through November.

Contact me for more information. 

Sewickley, Pennsylvania

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