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Therapeutic Yoga with Physical Therapist Lisa Bollheimer Minn, DPT

About Lisa

I have learned that the magic of yoga comes not from achieving esoteric knowledge or superhuman levels of strength and flexibility but from the ability of ordinary folks to apply ancient knowledge to our modern lives to help us improve our posture, our breath and our outlook on life.


I have over 20 years of experience and have worked with a range of clients from those learning to regain basic functions such as walking or rising out of a chair to injured professional and recreational athletes. I have worked in Washington DC, West Virginia and San Francisco and volunteered in hospitals in Peru and health clinics in Honduras. I am now settled in Sewickley, PA near Pittsburgh. 

I became a licensed Physical Therapist in 1998 and a registered Yoga Teacher in 2005. I attended Duke University for an M.S. in Physical Therapy and received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy after completing online studies with the Institute of Health Professions at Massachusetts General Hospital.  

My first yoga teacher training was with Asheville Yoga Center. I completed prenatal teacher training in San Francisco, CA.

And I recently earned a certification in Medical Therapeutic Yoga, which is the use of yoga in/as healthcare and self-care, at Living Well Institute (formerly Professional Yoga Therapy Institute®).

My clients are women or men who value the benefits of movement in way that addresses all components of health and fitness, including strength, mobility, balance and stress relief. They are curious and committed to moving in a healthy way and taking care of their spirits and minds as well as physical bodies.

Contact me today to learn how my unique offerings can help make you feel like your best self.

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